Relight the fire



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Min Age 18 yr. 




Max 8 pers. 


In our busy urban existence it is easy to lose yourself. People forget what they really care about. They don’t take the time to really think about it.

In connection with nature we learn how precious life is in sharp contrast with the “civilized world" where life often is a struggle.

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Experience what ‘Relight the Fire’ can do for you.

For me the essence of being outside is best captured in the Scandinavian word “Friluftliv”. The word translates as ‘free air life’ which means a lifestyle based on experiencing freedom in nature and an intense feeling of connection with the landscape. The original ‘friluftliv’ idea stands for personal development, a lifelong process of acquiring self-esteem, social skills, survival techniques and an open attitude towards our world view. Without the intention to claim that our expeditions fully comply to this idea, it is a philosophy we want to pursue.

"Relight the fire" is more than a night around a campfire.

During the day, we take a walk through a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is challenging, asking the question ‘what’s really important to me? How do I ignite the flame underneath that which I would like to achieve? Different steps bring you ever closer to igniting your personal fire.

By nightfall, we turn this metaphorical fire into a real campfire. You learn how to make fire with a knife, a fire striker and what you can find in nature. We use this to cook and together we make sure it will burn all night long.

Experience the moment, when, after a day of effort, you are attracted to the magic of fire. Staring into the crackling fire we feel the warmth that drives away the darkness of the night.


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Relight your fire
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Relight the fire
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A night beside a campfire
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