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Outdoor Life Coaching

Personal development while walking


€ 75 p. hour



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Individual Outdoor Life Coaching

Experience the impact of fresh air, a natural environment, physical exercise and expert guidance during your coaching session.

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During our walk, we will explore the desired or target state you wish to achieve. We look at your current situation and what is stopping you from leaving it behind. Ultimately, we create the space to work towards the change you would like to accomplish.


A coach walk takes about 1,5 hours, it is not about covering a long distance but about the quality of the experience. The location is agreed in mutual consultation. It is wise to wear a pair of comfortable walking shoes and bring rainwear. The weather conditions can contribute to the experience in an unexpected positive way.


I prefer to schedule at least 3 walks a few weeks apart. This way there is enough time in between to work with the new insights yourself.


Fee personal coaching

Intake appointment 1.5 hours € 0,-*

Single appointment 1.5 hours € 112,50

Three appointments package 1,5 hour € 312,50

Possible travel costs if applicable € 0,25ct / km

*(only available in South Limburg, for other locations travel costs are charged)

Coach conversations are possible in Dutch, English and German.

Do you have an occupational disability insurance with Movir? Please contact your contact person at Mentavitalis to make an appointment. The costs may be reimbursed.



Telephone: +31 (0)6 22 900 190

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Why outdoor coaching?


  • Exercise in the open air is healthy for our mental and spiritual health.

  • Walking stimulates activity in both the left and the right hemisphere of the brain.

  • On a mental level, exercise stimulates blood circulation and thus oxygenation of the brain.

  • When we shift our focus to the simple activity of walking it slows down the normal beta wave activity of alertness, quick thinking and multi tasking to the slower alpha waves of deep relaxation. This has a strong positive influence on the quality of our creative thinking and imagination.


That movement stimulates our creativity and imagination is nothing new. Aristotle is said to have walked around the Lyceum of Athens with his followers to explore and share new ideas. Several of the present-day researchers underline the effect of walking on our mental health and there are few people who would deny that 'getting some fresh air' is bad for them.

Interesting articles about health, well-being and outdoor activities.

Hans Gelter, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden


of the Social Brain through Fireside Relaxation

Christopher Lynn, Evolutionary Psychology · December 2014


Michael Mutz*, Johannes Müller, Journal of Adolescence 49 (2016) 105e114

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