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About Me

Bob van der Heijden

NLP trainer and coach, hike instructor, partner Oculus Insights Europe.


Developing yourself means staying in motion. There is something new to discover every day. Challenging places to go or beautiful thoughts to ponder. Basecamp combines my passion for outdoor, NLP and development.

Bob van der Heijden graduated from the Veterinary Faculty of Utrecht University in 1998. After two years of working as an employed equine practitioner, he became co-owner of a horse clinic. Five years later, a second horse clinic was established in the south of the Netherlands. After having worked as a horse vet for 16 years, he shifted his activities from the horse to the professional who performs medical treatments. Training as an NLP coach , conflict coach, NLP trainer and hike & survival instructor helped him make this transition.

Bob is now a coach and trainer with seven years of experience in assisting medical professionals with personal or work-related issues. "Working in a clinic or hospital is often working under high voltage. Not  infrequently the attention for the person behind the professional falls short which can result in decreasing involvement and motivation".


His mission as a coach is to guide these driven people in the development of more self-awareness about what they do , why they do it and why it is so important to them. As a trainer he helps to translate these new insights to their work environment and the team.


Coaching and training people in a challenging environment gives an extra dimension to personal development. Away from the daily routine, separated from all digital connections and disturbances but physically in motion, there will be room for new insights. That ʼs what Basecamp Outdoor Training and NLP-outdoor is all about.


Expertise and interest

  • Offering coaching and training tailored to the individual or team.

  • Always looking for a different perspective , a new way of approach.

  • Helping people in their development by challenging them in an outdoor environment.

Bob is a partner in Oculus Insights Europe

Oculus Insights supports your practice management. We offer educational programs for the veterinary market. 

We have over 20 years of experience in teaching, coaching and supporting veterinary practitioners, practice managers and managers in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry.



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